Top Notch Vehicle Scrapping Services

Vehicle Dismantling and Scrapping Services

Backed by a world-class vehicle scrapping facility, Mehaee Recycle Hub offers hassle-free vehicle dismantling and scrapping services. Our team of trained professionals carry out the task with the utmost professionalism. Besides, a major portion of the waste materials are recycled and reused to minimize landfills.

As per the Vehicle Scrappage Policy of 2021, 10-15-year-old vehicles, or those applied for re-registration, need to clear the automated fitness and emission test by the authorities. On failing, they will be declared to be unfit for the road or end of life. It then requires the voluntary scrapping of the vehicles by their owners. Besides, users who are conscious of their responsibility towards the environment or those who want to avoid the hurtful effects of old vehicles seek reliable vehicle scrapping services.

Therefore, we have designed our environment-friendly vehicle dismantling and scrapping services to get the needful done. The whole process is carried out as per the standard industry norms. Besides, we remain compliant with the latest regulations and authorities. Above all, we make sure that the best practices are deployed, especially for the prosperity of Mother Nature.


All the toxic pollutants from the vehicle are removed so that they don’t get mixed in the environment.


After depolluting the vehicle, manual dismantling of the parts is carried out by the experts.


Next, ferrous materials are extracted from the non-ferrous materials using heavy-duty magnets.


The the body is scrapped after a segregated extraction of the materials from within the vehicle.

Vehicle Collection : First things first, we collect the vehicle for scrapping and move it to our scrapping facility, away from the population, for a disruption-free scrapping process.

Depollution : Thereafter, we ensure that there is zero release of vehicle pollutants into the atmosphere by taking out the hazardous materials. The list includes the removal of the battery, brake oil, and engine oil and the drainage of the AC gas without any discharge.

Dismantling : After depolluting the vehicle, we implement the manual dismantling of the parts. All the parts of the vehicle are removed except the body.

Material Extraction : Now, the recyclable parts are separated from the non-recyclable to be sent to the authorized recyclers. The remaining metals are then shredded, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated using powerful magnets.

Recycle Materials

We collect, recycle & disposal all materials

  • Scrap Car
  • E-Waste Scrap
  • Battery Scrap
  • Two Wheeler
  • Automobile Scrap
  • Bulk Industrial Scrap
  • Construction Site Scrap
  • MSME Manufacturer
  • Commercial Vehicle

Benefits Of Vehicle Scrapping

The End of Life (ELV) vehicles are no good. They harm the environment, pose a threat to road safety, and burn a hole in your pocket as well. On the contrary, scrapping your old and unfit vehicle can provide you with cash for your trash. You can get the best deals for the scrapping services while services are your responsibility for mother nature. ELV vehicles emit more pollutants and need heavy maintenance. Besides, they are not a good sight as well. When sent for scrapping, they not only make some space in your parking but also remove an unpleasant sight. It also alleviates pollution levels and improves air quality. It is a win-win deal for all of the stakeholders, be it the owners, the environment, or the auto-mobile industry.