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We offer a comprehensive range of vehicle scrape services, including two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles, batteries, e-waste, etc. Supported by best-in-class technology and extensive experience, we strive to provide safe and eco-friendly dismantling, scrapping, and disposal of unfit vehicles.


All the toxic pollutants from the vehicle are removed so that they don’t get mixed in the environment.


After depolluting the vehicle, manual dismantling of the parts is carried out by the experts.


Next, ferrous materials are extracted from the non-ferrous materials using heavy-duty magnets.


The the body is scrapped after a segregated extraction of the materials from within the vehicle.

about Us

About Us

Applauded Vehicle Scrapping Services

Mehaee Recycle Hub came into being to provide hassle-free vehicle scrapping services to vehicle owners or entities while keeping its goal of zero waste society at the heart of the services. Scrapping old vehicles is an important practice, crucial for reducing pollution and preserving the environment. Old vehicles are a threat to road safety, consume more fuel, and contribute more to environmental pollution. Therefore, we have an advanced facility equipped with cutting-edge tools to scrape your vehicles that are unfit for the roads.

  • We strive to make India cleaner and greener by addressing vehicular waste chaos.
  • Our services aim to make scrapping a win-win for every stakeholder, be it the owner, the government, or the automobile industry as a whole.
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Vehicle Scrappage Policy in India

As per the Indian Vehicle Scrappage Policy, old and unfit vehicles (the ones that can’t clear the fitness and emission test by the authorities) will be taken off the road for scrapping. The below-listed pointers explain it all:

  • The policy aims at gradually developing an ecosystem that can phase out the contribution of vehicles in causing pollution. Most of them are old or those deemed to be unfit for the roads.
  • It is expected to reduce the carbon footprint caused by vehicle emissions to a great extent.
  • The vehicle scrappage policy was rolled out on 1 April 2023 for Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs).
  • The same will be effective from 11 June 2024 for other commercial vehicles and private vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles and private vehicles older than 15 years and 20 years, respectively, need to pass a fitness test. In case of failing, they will deemed to be unfit for the road or end of life. This means they will have to be scrapped.
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