Benefits of Scrapping Your Vehicle

The Incredible Benefits of Scrapping Your Vehicle

Old and unfit vehicles pose a serious threat to road security and the environment. They emit more pollution, create more noise, and show other detrimental effects. Besides, they are hard to maintain and can give you eye sores. This is why India’s Vehicle Scrappage Policy was rolled out to eliminate this problem. The aim of this policy was to scrape the unfit cars, thereby reducing pollution and preserving the environment.

Vehicle scrapping offers multi-faceted benefits to the owners, street people, the environment, and the automobile industry. Discussing these benefits is important for encouraging people to volunteer for vehicle scrapping. Let’s explore!

About Vehicle Scraping – A Brief

Vehicle scraping is the process where vehicles are brought to the scraping facilities, dismantled, and scraped. It is a comprehensive process that ensures that no harmful materials from the vehicle are exposed to the environment. The steps involved in this procedure are:

When an ELV (end-of-life) vehicle is brought to the scrapping facility, the hazardous materials are removed from the vehicle. The process of removing pollutants from the vehicles is known as depollution.

After depolluting, a manual dismantling of the vehicle components takes place. All the components from the body are removed for the further segregation of the materials.

Segregation of Materials:
Once the parts are dismantled, they are segregated among the reusable and recyclable materials. Besides, ferrous and non-ferrous materials are differentiated using robust magnets.

Safe Disposal Of Non-Reusable Parts:
Thereafter, the body is scraped into compact blocks, and the remaining materials are safely disposed of. Most of the parts are recycled and reused in order to alleviate the landfills to a great extent.

Issuance of Certificate:
In the end, the registered vehicle owner receives the certificate from the authorized service provider against the vehicle scrappage.

Advantages of Vehicle Scrapping

Now that you are well aware of the process let’s discuss the benefits of vehicle scrapping:

1. Get Cash Upfront
When you go for vehicle scrapping, most of the services will give you cash based on their evaluation. You can get instant cash for your trash without needing to worry for the clients. Get your oldie scrapped, get a good deal, and move on.

2. Contribute To The Environmental Wellness 
Vehicle scrapping is a very good practice in the favour of environmental preservation. The vehicles emit smoke, and their toxic waste gets exposed to the environment to pollute land, water, and soil. On the contrary, a professional scrapping service takes good care of the vehicular waste and prevents it from causing harm to the environment.

3. Enhanced Road Safety
Old vehicles are more prone to accidents and pose serious security threats. Besides, the rusting on the body and engine compartments needs to be addressed promptly. It is not only unsafe for your family and loved ones but also for the people on the street. When you scrape an old vehicle and buy a new one with innovative security features, the road becomes safer.

These are some of the multi-faceted benefits of vehicle scrapping. Additionally, when you choose the right service, you can have many more competitive advantages, such as better deals, transparency, and disruption-free execution. Mehaee Recycle Hub is a vehicle scrapping and recycling service provider you can connect to get your vehicle scrapped.